After work toeic vocabulary

This a note to recording my English journey from After Work English Club .

2022/01 ~ 2023/12

  • 2023/05/20 (Sat) Toeic
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  • 2023/04/22 (Sat) TOEIC Vocabulary
  • 2023/02 TOEIC Vocabulary

2023/02 toeic

  • The CEO will make the closing remarks at the stockholder’s meeting.

  • Motorists should be cautious when driving in poor weather conditions.

  • The salesperson persuaded me to buy an expensive photocopier.

  • The tall building overlooks the park

  • You should install software according to the specifications of your computer.

  • Many safety features

  • sculpture/scul

  • agricultural

sculp 刻
cult 種
ate 做

  • cultivate


cultivate land
bring culture to the masses
bring culture to the masses
sculpture class

  • carton

    • cartography 地圖製作
    • cartridge 黑水匣
    • cart 製圖
    • a carton of milk
  • broaden / the company’s new of line computers will broaden its market share (market share 市佔率)

  • abstract / please send us a short abstract of your presentation.

    • abstractive
    • abstracted
    • abstarction
  • tract 拖拉

    • abtarct (ab 反常)
    • attract (a/at 加強)
    • contract (con 一起)
    • detract (de 低/下/少) 減損
    • distract (dis 否定/分散)
    • extract (ex 外/出) 萃取
    • retractable (re 重複) 可收回的
    • subcontract (sub 下) 轉包

The cracks in the vase detract from its value
The cracks in the vase decrease its value

abstract painting 抽象畫
be attracted to sb./sth.

I am attracted to brand new macbook pro m2

detract form sth. 減損某物
distract sb. from doning sth.

  • sist 站立/力道
    • consitent (con 一起) 符合的
    • consistency 符合
    • assit (as 加強) 協助 (小小幫助) / help 從頭幫到尾
    • insist (in 裡面)
    • persist (per 全面)

all outdated pay phons are being replaced.
The context of this writing is not consistent.

  1. 時態的關鍵字
  2. 時態一致

填空句:抓 名詞,前後沒有相關的就刪掉

  • will include
    had include
    has to be included

vrituality 虛擬

  • transition
    wrinkle 皺紋、困難
    demolition 拆毀

our remodeled offices are due to open on the same day.
the facility tour will begin at 10 a.m.

  • Please be aware that problems may occur while we chabge over th the new website.
    new advertising will be add on the magazine.


  • diligently

is to 即將

過去完成式、過去簡單式 Past tense(最多)、現在簡單式、現在完成式(第二多)

I had a reunion with my family last two week ago.

what did you do yesterday? (大方向)
what were you do yesterday? (小細)



-------- past ---------- present -----------> future
| | |
| | -------- 現在完成式 --------->
| |
| 過去完成式
過去完成式 ->|

現在完成式,持繼,have + pp, has + pp / (since + S + V, for + 一段時間, in the past, in the last)

I have learned English since I was in elementary school

arvo / 牛油果
default / definitely

I go to work

charge your phone


2023/04/22 - TOEIC Vocabulary


World food

  • urgent
    • requiring immediate action or attention
    • v: delayed by urgent business
    • v: addend an urgent meeting
    • ex: urgent meeting
  • designate
    • (v) appoint (someone) to a specified office or post
    • (adj) appointed to an office or post but not yet installed
    • v: designate Red Valley as a national park
    • V: designate meeting room
  • surround
    • be all round (someone or something)
    • v: surrounded with potted plants (盆栽,人為的 ed)
    • v: develop wooded ares surrounding(which surround the city)
    • ex: The new town is surrounded by a greenbelt


  • urg/erg/org = work(作用)
    • ex: urgency
    • allergy (al 加強 + erg 作用) / energy / organize (org 作用)
    • have an allergy to sth. / well organized / organize oneself to do sth.
  • sign = 指示
    • designate (de 低 + sign) / designated
    • assign (as 加強 + sign) / consign (con 一起 + sign) / countersign (counter 相反 + sign) / reassign (re + assign) / significant (sign)
    • assign sth. to do / consign to / resign from / in significant measure
  • round = 圍繞
    • surround / surrounding / surroundings
    • around(附近的) / round
    • sit around / wait around / round about (在附近) / all the villages round about

Trees surround our house.
These people are in urgent need of relief.
Dairy products may provoke allergic reactions in some people.
Jack was assigned to the assembly shop of the factory.
The earth is round.



  • props. + N/Ving
    • desipte
    • in spite of
    • regardless of
    • irrespective of
  • conj. + S + V
    • while
    • though
    • althoug
    • even though
    • even if
    • albeit if
    • despite the fact that
    • regardless of the fact that
    • irrespectve of the fact that


  1. Althoug the new photocipiers are arriving tomorrow, no plans have been made to dispose of the old ones.

  2. Many people went to party despite the inclement weather.

  3. The weelky report is nearly done despite the requirement of adding some tables.

  4. In spite of their qurral, they remained the best friends.

  5. While sunscreens are crucial fo UV proection,

  6. Most people still enjoyed the concert despite the rain.

  7. The celebrity deigned to respond to his fan mail, though he preferred to hire someone to answer the messages for him.

  8. While Mother was cooking in the kitchen, I was watching TV in the living room.

  9. In spite of her lack of interest in chemistry, she is stll very good at it.

3 B
4 B
5 C
6 C
7 D
8 D
9 A
10 D

看空格前後句 找出名詞 找出選項的名詞

1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D

  • prosperous
  • reduced rate
  • in phases 按階段
  • potronage 光臨

It’s pouring down
It’s teaming down
I’ts bucketing down


  • I organize myself to roganize the product
  • I think myself is well organized to pretty much everything
  • The goods were consigned to you by railway and shold have arrived by now.
  • I’m good. I just sitting around

vocabulary root

  • complement
    • a number or quantity of something, especially that required to make a group complete
    • ex: events that complement the exhibition
    • ex: The governor developed incentive to complement the tax plan.
    • root: ple, plex, pli, plicit, plo, ply 折疊、包圍、彎
      • apply, comply, complex, explicate, imply, reply, supply
      • comply: com ply(一起)遵從
      • complex: 綜合設施(ex: sport complex)
      • explicate: 解釋(給更多細節 vs explain)
      • imply: 否定、裡面、做
      • ex: We comply with all fire safety rules.
      • usage:
        • apply for
        • apply to
        • application form
        • comply with
        • an industrial form
        • a sports complex
        • imply that
        • reply to
        • give a reply
  • regardless of
    • without being affected or influenced by anything else that happens or exists
    • ex: regardless of location
    • ex: regardless of ethnic background and nationality
    • ex: You must record all the company expenses, regardless of the amount.
    • root: gard 看
      • regard 注重、器重
        • ex: No one showed the least regard for his feelings.
        • ex: I have a very hight regard for your abilities.
        • ex: He is regarded as the best doctor in town.
        • ex: Her work is very highly regarded.
        • ex: he knew nothing regarding the case.
      • disregard 漠視
        • We cannot disregard his coming late to work so often.
      • usage:
        • as regards the question of pay, I would like to point out that …
        • as regards content, the program will …
        • show disregard for sth./sb.
  • aisle
    • a passage between section of seats or shelves
    • ex: walk down the aisle
    • ex: prefer sit in the aisle
    • ex: The aisles are lined with chairs.
    • q: Do you prefer window seats or aisle seats? why?
    • ex: I prefer windows seat, lean on, There are nice views I enjoy the nice views
  1. Federal regulations require office buildings to hvae fire exits.
  2. She was his confederate in the kidnapping.
  3. We are trying to _ safety hazardous from the construction site.
  4. This wine the food perfectly.


感官動詞 + V(事實)/Ving(進行)
連綴動詞 + adj

  • 感官動詞:see(不經意), look(專心/靜態), watch(專心/動態), hear(不經意), listen(專心), sound(看法), seem(看法), smell, taste, feel, find(認為), stand(處於 … 狀態), prove(證明是)

I see a cat walk on my fence.
I see some people fighting on the street.
I feel cold.
If the performance proved popular, we will add move live performance in the future.

  • Be 動詞:
  • 似手:seem, appear
  • 變得:remain, stay, keep
  • 感官動詞:become, grow, turn, go, get

I turn on the AC to keep the room cool
It gets hot.
It become hot.
What’s the weather like?
How is the weather?

the quick fox jump over the lazy dog

  1. B
  2. C
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B
  6. A
  7. C
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  11. A
  12. B
  13. B
  14. D C
  15. B
  16. A C, well adv.
  17. B
  18. A
  19. C
  20. A


I keep a dog. = The dog is kept by me.
The journal contains the test results. = The test result are contained in the journal.

  1. John’s room was painted by him.
  2. Joe’s leg was hurt by himself.
  3. The phone bil was paid by me.
  4. The thief was caught by the police last night.
  5. Rice is grown by people in China.


  1. The book was written in English.
  2. May was invited to the wedding.
  3. My room is cleaned every day.