After work notes


This a note to recording my English journey from After Work English Club.

2022/07 ~ 2022/12


Thank Ivan, who is a customer service, usually notifies new English event such as Social Coffee, Create Yourself and something like that.

Thank Sharon, who is a professional English learning planner, always cares about my currently learning plan.

Thank Henry, Enny, Bruno and more ,who are all excellent English teacher and from foreign country, teach me not only a lot English knowledge but also their cultures and perspectives. Particularly thank Henry, if I have time I definitely take his class, he is very enthusiastic teacher who always borden my horizons.


@ stripy

  1. a piece of clothing is full of the pattern of strips.

@ bulky

  1. one thing is bigger than other things in the same kind, so it’s hard to store or carry.


Class: Tycoon (a successful business man, originally form Japan)

@ dog-eat-dog

    1. a fierce competition, people are even willing harm others in order to be successful.
  • ex: Nowadays, running your own business is not easy, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

@ knock yourself out

    1. you work very hard in order to achieve something
  • ex: Since I don’t have any background of engineering, I have to knock myself out tp pick up some knowledge about it if I intend to work as an engineer.

@ outline

    1. (v.) you describe a main idea of something without detail
  • ex: Since we are running out of time. please just outline our proposal to me.

@ run sp ragged doing something

    1. make them tired by giving them a lot of work to do
  • ex: After I was admitted by the university which is distant(far) from my hometown , the first thing I had to deal with was running myself ragged doing a house hunting.

@ errands

    1. some short journeys you have to make frequently

=> determine / decide

something determines ...
someone decide /determine

- ex: The grade of the test will determine which university I will enter.

someone determines = "officially" decide something

are you really present physically and mentally

@ block out

    1. stop yourself from thinking about or remembering something
  • ex: Even after I grew up, I still tried to block out the childhood shadow.

=> so / so that / so … that

@ so
- the result of something
- ex: It's raining , so I stay at home

@ so that
- the reason why you do something
- ex: I'm doing three part-time jobs so that I can pay off the bills.

@ so ... that ...
- very
- ex: I'm so tired that I have to hit the bed early

try to do something & try doing something

try to do something = difficulty
try doing something = test (test all the ways)

@ broaden

  • increase your knowledge, experience, or the range of an activity
  • ex: broaden your horizons

@ eternal

    1. originally god, never die
    1. something continues for a long time
    1. something “seem” existing forever usually because it’s troublesome or annoying

@ socialize with some one

    1. spend time with someone

My pleasure to make your acquaintance (Nice to meet you)

Are you settle in your new job?


  • How do you define “success”?

Success doesn’t main making a lot of money.
I think success means owning a contented life and work.
And be stratify with your life and not isolated.
I think success is neither making a lot of money nor having a warm family, but offering some contribution toward the society.

  • Are you satisfied with your occupation? Why or why not? How to improve it?

Yes, I satisfied what I am doing.
But not my currently job, because it took a lot of my energetic to co-work with him.
Still I believe my promising future.

  • What are you particularly good at? What makes you think so?

I think I’m good at Mathematic, because I was my major in my college life.
pay a attention to …
repeat you already know
preserve culture

  • Which tip about you agree with the most? Why?

Be focused.
I think if a man who be focused, then he can do impossible thing.

  • Which one is better, doing a ojb in one’s life, doing different jogs in one’s life? Why?

You can learn different skill in various fields, which enables you to be a leader in the future.

Take my boss for example that he has pick up different skills of programming, thus, new his doing designing apps.

=> study / learn

learn = turn something into your ability
study = do some things in order to develop an ability


  • raw: cacao is the raw material of chocolate.

  • thorough: the inspector conducted a thorough investigation of the building.

    • a thorough inspection by a certified technician
    • read the directions thoroughly
  • superior: computer’s supplies are superior to anything else on the market.

    • superior to
  • assume: She had to assume her boss’s responsibilities.

    • assume that, it is assumed that, fully occupied
  • routine: A serious problem was fond during a routine maintenance check

    • perform a routine inspection
    • daily routines
  • thorough

  1. 名司、動詞、形容詞、副詞
  2. 5w1h
  3. this, that, these, those
  • sur/super(超過): superficial, superstitious (這信的/ 超過 + 站), surname (姓氏), surrender(超過 + 好處) to
    • he agreed to surrender all claims to the property.
  • sum/sumpt/sampl(拿):
    • assume(加強 + 拿), assuming(傲慢的), assumed(假裝的), assumption(假設)
    • consume(一起 + 拿)
    • counterexample(相反 + 範例)
    • exempt(豁免, 外/出 + 拿)
    • presume(擅自, 先/前 + 拿)
    • reassume(再假拿, 重複 + 假設)
    • resume(重新開始, 重複 + 拿)
    • restart, resume, pause
  • rout/routin/rot(打斷)
    • routine(例行公事, 每天都要做,打斷想做的), routinize, daily routine
    • reroute(改變路線, 重複 + 打斷)

My roommate presume to use my laptop to play games.
Those standing may now resume your seats.
Good students are exempted from attending study hall.
In my university, students who’s toeic scores more than seven houdan and fifty are exempted from attending english class.


  • under the agreement
  • lot 空地
  • tenants 居音
  • spokesperson 發言人
  • setback 缺失

2022/04/04 Tody Carlton City Council

關係代名詞 = 連接詞 (S + V, V)

I have a friend who is smart and hard-working, we often chit chat together.
My friend is a girl/boy who is friendly, smart, extreme, kind …
My friend is a girl/body who I have known for … years.
I live in the Taipei/Taichung, which is located in north/ the middle of Taiwan.
I study English when I’m available.
Taiwan is a place where is well-known for Taipei 101 and night markets.
Night markets are places in which you can find delicious foods.


whose salaries are relatively high.

that vs. which (that usage)

  1. 介,逗號 that (usually)
  2. 限定
  3. 事情

  • 前 長: 371cm 高: 90
  • 右 長: 346.5cm
  • 115
  • 90

2022/03/02 Thu. 20:00 ~ 22:00

TODO: organize below notes

Kangaroos are endemic to the country of Australia. They have
large, powerful hind legs, large feet adapted for leaping , a long
muscular tail for balance, and a small head. Female kangaroos
have a pouch in which joeys complete postnatal development.

Large kangaroos have adapted to changes brought to the
Australian landscape by humans and thought many of their
amaller cousins are endagered, they are plentiful. They are not
farmed to any extent, but wild kangaroos are shot for meat,
leather hides, and to protect grazing land for sheep and cattle.

The kangaroo is an unofficial symbol of Australia, and appears as
an emblem on the Astralian caot of arms, on some of its
currency, as well as by some of Australia’s largest airline, and
the Royal Australia Air Force. The kangaroo is important to both Australian culture and the national image.

  • endemic: disaase or proolem is always presetn in a particular palce or among a particular group of people.
    • ex: It appears that the overpopulation is endemic in some developing countries, which leads to their hardshhip.
  • hind: the back part of the animal
  • jump/leap/bounce
    • jump: just up and down
    • leap: jump and make distance (make lead: make progress)
    • bounce: jump over and over in small distance
  • muscular: full of muscles, physical strong (slang: beef cake)
  • pouch: small bag which baby kangaroos can stay there
  • joeys: baby kangaroos
  • postnatal: relating to the time after a baby was born
  • landscape
    • the beautiful views in the contry side
    • the country side
    • apaintting is about beautiful views
    • ex: When it comes to the leisure time, I tend to go hiking to the wilderness to enjoy the landscape and natural wonder.
  • cousins
    • someone or something is similar to another person or thing
    • ex: Due to the specialty of the artist community, they seem only hanging out with cousins of other art workers.
  • animals are farmed: animal are kept and raised up in a farm by people
  • leather hides: animal skin used for different products
  • sheep(1 sheep, 100 sheep/ no change)
  • cattle(un countable)
  • ranch: farm animal
  • one thing is a symbol of something / onething, symbolizes something
    • one thing has a paritcular meaning or persentation
    • ex: Bowling to teachers in school is a symbel of student’s respect towards teachers on Asian campuses.
  • emblem: a picture, shape, or an object is used to represent a country.
  • coat of arms: a pattern on a shield to represent a nation, university, or a family
  • currency exchange rate
  • well-known
    • everyone knows
    • famous
    • also can use celebrated, renwoned(academic achievement)
  • unknown
    • on one know
    • not famous
  • notorious: someone or a place is famous for someghing “bad”


  1. have you ever had a pet?
  2. What qualities make a good pet owner? why?
  3. Do you think a city is an ideal place to keep a pet? Why or why not? What kind of animal is suitable to be a pet in a city?
  4. From your point of view, why some tend to have a pet?
  5. Do you agree or disagree that a local authority should set up a division to capture an euthanize street animals? Why or why not?


  1. Yes, when I was little about 10 years old, I have a dog it breed is gloden hunt I suppose.
  2. love clean, like mom, considerate, because the most important thing keep them alive
  3. I think a city is not an ideal place for pet, because the space is small for some particular pet. they need more room for some activities.
  4. some small pet small like fishes, instects or pets like indoor environment like cat

Wow, I think this topic tough for me.
On the one hand, euthanizing animals is not moral, no doubt.
On the other hand, in my past experience, I was chased by a group of wild dogs when I was riding a bicycle.
I was freaking out and trying to speed up and escape from them with screaming the whole road.

  • ample: more than needed
  • preventing from fighting against each other
  • sesible: better

on the one hand / on the other hand

2022/12/18 Relationship


Do you have any plans this weekend?
Would you like to come over for dinner on Staurday?
How does six o’clok sound to you? (suit you)
What time shall I pick you up?

waht tiem works best for you
how does six o’clock sound to you?
shall I pick you up around 5:30?

  • Do you have any ~

Do you have any restatuant you can recommand in Taipei
Do you have goals to achieve before(by) the end of the year?

  • Would you like to ~

would you like to come over for dinner
would you like to go hvave pinic with me this weekend

  • How about

How about taking classes with me this weekend
How about this moview harry recommended

You have really outdone youself here, sweetheart, You have prepared quite a spread.
I need to go to the crocery store again. my kids are eating me out of my house and home
I’m starving Let’s catch a bite before we back

Did you know that the average American eats thier meals out 4.2 times a week

Did you know that in New Youk City, the average dinner tab is $33.17 per pserson?

Everone I’d like to you to meet my better half = introducing a spouse or partner
Let me introducint you to guy who cracks the ship at = Introducing a supervisor or boss

  • I’d like you to meet my ~

I’d like you to meet my supervisor.
I’d like you to meet my best friend in college.

  • By the way, this is ~

By the way, this is my colleague at work
By the way, this is favorite book , I can lend you if you are interesting in it.

  • Have I introduced ~

Have I introduced you to my roommate form high school?
Have I introduced you my favorite drama series to you before?

  • wars the pant (make a discion)
  • your better half
  • the man who pull the strings (in charge)
  • the ball and chain (wife)
  • soul mate

I’m not sure if I can go to the game with you, I need to ask the ball and chain
I truly bideve taht Jhon is my soul mate
It is pretty clear who
The man who pulls the stirng aound here is definite Mr.Smith.
Where is your better half tonigh.

Sid you know that in 1967 there was a state law banned interrical marriage

what’s new in you world

phone tag

the boss busted me at work the other day, and I hate checking them from my phone

I don’t talk to you for a month, I completely out of the loops.

  • How has /is your ~

how is you boyfriend doing?
how is your work been going?

  • I was getting ~

I was getting hungry because I didn’t have breakfast.
I was getting tired of doing the thing over and over again.

  • Sorry, I’ve been

Sorry, I’ve been too tired to attend this party
Sorry, I’ve been so busy to take on a new project

  • touch base with = connect, communication
  • drop me a line = contact
  • shoot me an e-mail
  • playing phone-tag = phone-tag
  • hit us up = let us know

you’re pulling my leg = are you kidding me


  • plain Jane = normal type of girl
  • average Joe = normal Guy
  • dead ringer = look so much
  • dressed to the nines = dressed a lot
  • my Sunday best = best close